Grill the big shrimp

333008 - Copy1. first time you got a Big shrimp 1 p.c.s

2. Lemon juice 1 tea spoon.

3. Salt to test.

4. Black paper to test.

5. Chili powder to test.

It was the first large shrimp marinate take his fair share of the book’s best was not clear if the at fork with Lemon juice over it again after 10 minutes with lemon juice, little chili powder, a little salt & black paper to keep her warm in grill five minutes after the cook book put it in a pot if you’d like to serve a little better with it, you can keep a sate the fried vegetable and can rice.

Cut the carrot on the first finger of the long-been, Bud-flour, papaya and cut baby corn in a pot of hot water and place it in a book fairings the amount of water in the salt water hot when the ramp carrot, Bud-flour  , papaya,  long-been boil the baby corn with half off a starer book with cold water. The minced garlic book spines everything done with a light-hit Keep fried-pan  the amount of the discount and then ramp to ramp chopped garlic, then brown the garlic in the vegetable rose fried-pan  the ramp and then the mixture pathetic.

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